Monday, August 16, 2010

Pi Shawl KAL

following the Pi Shawl KAL...can't start my shawl until I get back home to Michigan. I ordered the kit and it is waiting for me when I get home grandson comes first!

I am still in New Mexico helping my daughter with the new grandson...the first grandchild and needless to say I am excited. And he is a doll...born at home on the 20th of July at 11:03 am weighing 8 pounds and 20 inches long.
heading home on the 24th but will be back in October for a few babysit while my daughter goes back to work. Finding babysitting is hard...on a waiting list on the AFB daycare center...9th on the list..not good.

This year has definitely been a different year...out of work, husband with multiple health issues and seeming to be extremely busy.

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